The Story

For owner Kent Joines making hot sauce has always been a labor of love. It all started years ago when he couldn't find a hot sauce that had a lot of flavors, so he came up with his own. One holiday season, he sold bottles of his favorite recipe at the 'Bizarre Bazaar' at the Jubilee Community in downtown Asheville, NC. This was to help raise money for the hunger fund. Julie Stehling, the owner of  Early Girl Eatery, got a hold of a bottle and encouraged Kent to begin the process of reproducing it to take to market. Soon afterward, Early Girl Eatery started to both serve, and sell O'Yeah! Hot Sauce. Since then, it's definitely become a big hit and the buzz is spreading quickly.

It's not just a hot sauce, it's a flavor enhancer.

What makes O'Yeah! Hot Sauce so different is its flavor profile. Kent's recipe isn't too hot, but a medium hot by industry standards. It has something spicy, something salty, something sweet, something sour and something savory. O'Yeah! will perk up all your taste buds, so whatever you're putting it on tastes so much better. Oh, and for those of you who like it hotter, Xxtra O'Yeah hot sauce reserve is now available!

It's not just a hot sauce, it's a health sauce!

O'Yeah! Hot Sauce is proudly made and bottled in Asheville from local sources whenever possible. Every single one of its all natural 24 ingredients contains health benefits. From apple cider vinegar, habanero peppers, sweet potatoes, garlic to it's 8 carefully chosen spices.

Since O'Yeah! Hot Sauce got its beginning at Jubilee,10% of all profits will continue to benefit the Jubilee Community, which has been serving Western North Carolina residents in need for over 30 years.